What Is A Foreign Workers Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is an arrangement between two or more parties wherein compensation is guaranteed in the case of medical related losses. This is seen at a corporate level as well as an individual level. The person for whom the medical insurance is taken is called the insured or the claimant as he claims compensation when there are medical expenses that he must incur due to work-related accidents or illness or even death. In the case of death, the family or the dependant will claim the compensation payable. For this insurance, the insured has to ensure that he is covered by the insurance premium as a portion is deducted from his payroll on a monthly basis.


The job market is on a global scale in the recent times, people are moving out of their native country to find the best-suited job opportunities and work culture for themselves. They do not need to become the citizens of the foreign country. But many companies consider it wise to provide medical insurance to their non-resident workers as it motivates them to stay on the job for a longer period of time.


When the foreign worker who is insured under the medical insurance, experiences any sort of work-related health threats, various provisions are made. Medical charges like accommodation, fees of medication, treatment fees, doctor’s fees, physiotherapy prescribed by the doctor and other such charges are covered by the insurance. This keeps the employee out of financial jeopardy and provides compensation for further treatment if necessary.


Unlike the residential workers, the non-resident employees are protected by the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. Employers are to undertake all medical treatment expenses that are required. A medical insurance coverage of a certain lump sum amount must be provided by the employer that is fixed by the Ministry of Manpower. The non-resident workers must apply for a work pass and permit, which is essential while processing the compensation payable. The amount set for the insurance is called the premium. This premium is set at a high cost which helps the employee cover the majority of the non-residential workers medical bills.


The procedure for making claims for the compensation is clear and simple. It is set by the Ministry of Manpower, which is the ministry run by the government of Singapore that deals with making and executing the labor policies for the workforce. There is no scope for malpractices on the part of the employer or the employee.


As health is an unpredictable factor, insurance keeps the mind and heart of workers at peace. As many jobs demand unreasonable commitments, the health of workers tends to deteriorate at a much earlier stage of their lives. Commercial insurance has proved to provide security for employees and their families when unavoidable circumstances are presented before them.


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