Ways to Make Customised Gifts More Personal

Gifting is an old tradition that is not going away. If you groan every time a friend’s birthday or anniversary draws near because you find the process of choosing a gift overwhelming, you are not alone. Fortunately, custom photo printing online gives you the chance to customise different gifts to make each occasion unique and special. 

However, customised photo gifts are one thing; making them personal is another. What can you do to make your gift stand out from the rest? You don’t have to choose the biggest gift, but you could make it the most meaningful. People tend to hold on to gifts they treasure. You can make your gifts special by turning them into personalised photo gifts. 

Choose a gift with a back story.

Gifts with hidden meanings or stories tend to make amazing customised gifts. This is because they bring a smile to the person’s face whenever they look at the gift. For example, when choosing an image for personalised photo printing, you can choose a photo of a city that the recipient loves. 

It could be a destination where so many fun things happened, and you want the person always to remember those wonderful days when he looks at the personalised photo gifts. You can be sure such a gift will always be cherished because of the emotions it evokes. 

Go for a gift connected to the person’s interests.

What makes the person tick? Is it his job or hobby? Does he have a person he admires? Does he have a quote that he keeps saying to make him feel good or motivate himself to do better? You can use his interests to bring life to the customised gifts you wish to get. 

For instance, if you give him a customised chessboard because he is an avid player, you can personalise it further by writing a text of words he mumbles while playing. This way, you can both have a laugh whenever he subconsciously says the words written on the board. 

Create an experience

People get gifts and equally forget about the gifts all the time. You probably remember a few gifts because of the experience at the time. But generally, most gifts are forgotten, some a little too soon. You can make your personalised photo gifts more special by making them about an experience rather than the gift alone. 

If the person enjoys camping and has gone on many camping adventures, you can opt for personalised photo printing of one of your most memorable camping trips. You can also preempt an experience with a gift.

For example, a photo of the skatepark accompanied with a ticket for him to go enjoy himself. He will always associate the gift with the experience. 

Write a personal message.

Including popular quotes when you request custom photo printing online is fine, but if you really want to make the gift more personal, write from your heart. Your words will mean the world to your friend or loved one. They will always hold the gift dear, mostly because of your words. 

There is no limit to how far you can go to make the gift unique and special when it comes to personalized photo gifts. Think outside the box, and your gifts will always be treasured, not just on a special day but for years to come. 

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