Tips To Creating the Best Custom Polo Shirts 

Multicoloured polo tees folded on the table
Multicoloured polo tees folded on the table

How Can You Make Polo Tees Special?

The polo shirt is a simple yet attractive attire. This is why many organizations prefer it when buying customised apparel for their business. Logos on polo tee shirts stand out, making it easy for potential customers to spot the polo shirt details. 

Unfortunately, when polo tee printing Singapore is not done well, the polo tee’s appeal will be ruined. You need to get everything right when customising polo tee shirts. These tips will help ensure your custom polo shirts meet your expectations. 

Consider The Design Elements Before Choosing The Polo Shirts.

Choosing colours of polo t-shirts before deciding on the decoration features is a huge mistake. You may not have as much flexibility to change the colours of the decorative features, but you can use a range of polo shirt colours that will enhance the appeal of the decorative features. 

Discuss your decoration ideas with the company providing you with polo tee printing Singapore services. They may be better placed to guide you on the best t-shirt colours. If you have specific custom polo shirts Singapore colours in mind, you also need to discuss them. 

In some cases, if you cannot change the colours of the polo shirts, you can slightly alter the colour of the decorations to shades that are closer to the original company colours. 

What Environment Will The Polo Shirts Be Worn In?

Comfort is paramount when creating custom polo shirts in Singapore. Besides the concern about the appearance of the polo tee printing Singapore, you need to ensure the fabric is suitable for the environment. For example, the gold apparel industry offers polo shirts made entirely from polyester microfiber because it is lighter than other fabrics. 

If the polo shirts are worn by employees who spend hours outdoors in Singapore’s hot and humid conditions, factors such as the cooling effect are important when choosing the ideal fabric. 

Customised polo shirts can be a walking advertisement. However, if the wearers are uncomfortable, they may avoid wearing the polo tees, especially if they are not obligated to wear them. 

Plain, Patterned, Or Multi-Coloured Polo Shirts? 

Polo shirts are quite versatile today. For years, polo shirts were available in plain colours. However, today you can get them patterned. For example, you can find them in stripes or multiple colours. The variations enhance the appeal of the polo shirt. 

However, you need to ensure you pick a style that does not compete with your custom design. For example, if you pick a polo shirt with multiple colours, pick one whose colours will not make your logo hard to spot. If your logo colour is orange, picking an orange polo tee will not serve your marketing campaign well. 

You should also look at where you will be placing your logo or decorating feature. If it is on the left pocket, away from the competing colour, then this might work. If the logo will fall on the part bearing the same colour, then you need to find ways to contrast the outcome so that your logo or decorative feature stands out. 

Consider Logo Embroidery Of Different Colours.

If you are interested in custom polo shirts Singapore of many colours, then it is best to consider the possibility of a logo embroidered in different colours. This gives you greater flexibility and even allows you to explore polo shirts of different designs and colours. This is especially critical if you are preparing polo tee printing Singapore as gifts for your loyal customers. 


Custom polo tees are great giveaways for businesses and individuals. You can give a friend a custom polo shirt in Singapore for their birthday, and they are going to love it. You only ensure you get everything right, from the colour to the design. 

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