Tips on Buying Custom Picture Frames

Some of your photos are priceless. They could be photos of your reunion with friends, your wedding photos, or random photos with your loved ones. Some of these photos are keepsakes that you want to preserve using custom acrylic photo frames. 

Shopping for acrylic picture frames online has made it easier for you to discover the different types of framing options in the market today. However, this knowledge hasn’t made the selection process less daunting. How do you know which frame is most suitable for your precious photos?

Consider what you are framing.

The best place to begin in your search for custom acrylic picture frames is by having a list of the photos you need to frame. Are you framing a photo to protect it from damage because it is a piece you will never recover should it get destroyed?

For example, is it a photo of a loved one who has since passed on? If it is the only photo you have, you need to make sure it is safe. As an acrylic photo, you will keep the memory of your loved one alive for decades. 

Where do you intend to display your photo?

Now that you have a list of photos you want to display, the next step is deciding where to place them. Are they going on the wall or your office desk? Is it going to be a single frame on the wall, or will it be part of a collection of photos on the wall? 

If it is a single frame on the wall, you may want to choose larger floating custom acrylic photo frames. For a desk display, you should consider an acrylic photo block or an acrylic photo stand. For a collection of photo displays, you can consider photo frames of different sizes and shapes, or similar frames, depending on your preferred outcome. 

The size of the photo

When choosing an acrylic picture frame, it is important to consider the size of the photo. If it is small, it only makes sense to get a small frame. Otherwise, if you go for a large frame, the photo will “disappear” within the frame. 

When one looks at custom acrylic photo frames that are too large, the photo will not be visible. If, however, you still want a large frame, instead of using one small photo, you can opt for a photo collage. 

Which cover do you prefer, glass or acrylic?

The frame cover protects the photo and, at the same time, makes it possible for you to see the photo within the frame. The cover needs to be transparent. This is why glass and acrylic are the two main materials used as photo covers.

Glass is fragile, while acrylic is more durable. This is one reason you will find custom acrylic Singapore frames dominating most sites selling photo frames.

When choosing the cover, you need to consider the impact of the cover on the photo. Acrylic adds a 3-D effect on photos. It also makes colours more vibrant. This gives custom acrylic picture frames an edge over glass.  

When you have a list of requirements and expectations when shopping for acrylic picture frames online, you will find it easier to identify the best frames for your photos.

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