How to Protect Your Wood Photo Prints

Have you noticed that no matter how often you take photos, some will stand out more than others? Your feelings radiate in the image, and if you are in a bad mood, it will show in the photo. This is why we choose to use one photo over another. We want the image that captures our best side. When you have your best photo in custom wood prints, you want to preserve it. 

Photos remind us of events and our feelings at the time when the photos were taken. We want to hold those moments dear. When your favourite personalised wooden photo block is ruined, it feels like you have lost an important moment. You need to do the needful to protect wood photo prints

Avoid touching the photo with oily hands.

Wooden photo prints are a work of art. Even though it may not seem like it, the wood is bare, except for the ink and picture. Some oils can contaminate the ink, resulting in blemishes that were not present before. 

If possible, hang your best photos to discourage people from handling them to get a closer look. You also need to ensure that you always handle your wooden photo display with clean hands. 

Don’t remove marks using your nails.

When you notice stain marks on your personalised photo print on wood, do not be tempted to use your nails to scratch off the blemish. Your nails may do more harm as they may scratch off part of the print, resulting in an ugly mark. Instead, wipe off the dirt with a soft, damp cloth.

Keep wood prints away from direct sunlight.

When exposed to direct sunlight, your wooden picture gifts may fade. Even custom wood prints with protective features sometimes show signs of fading after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The best way to preserve the memories on the wood photo prints is to display them away from direct sunlight. 

Some lights, like the fluorescent lamp, can also damage wood photo prints. Have this in mind even as you try to keep the sun’s rays from your personalised wooden photo block.  

Avoid smoking near your photos.

Smoke and other airborne grime can discolour your wooden picture gifts. If possible, smoke away from this room so that your wooden photo prints maintain the rich colour and appeal for years. Otherwise, you will start noticing a change in colour once the discolouring residue from the smoke finds its way into the wood grains.

Store your wooden prints well. 

When redecorating or moving house, you need to ensure that nothing rubs against the personalised photo print on wood. Though it may not seem like it, any object can scratch the surface of your personalised wooden photo block.

Instead, carefully wrap your wood photo prints and store them safely from other objects. You can put a cloth between the photo blocks for additional protection. 

Your choice of wrapping paper also matters. Avoid plastic, especially if you expect to keep wooden picture gifts in storage for an extended period. Singapore has high humidity, and this could cause mold to start growing on your wood photo prints. 

Wood is a durable yet sensitive material. However, if well handled, your personalised photo print on wood can look good for years.

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