Everything You Need to Know about Personalised EZ-Link Cards

More Singaporeans are opting for a personalised ez link card over the standard card. As more companies offer ez link card design and customization services, it has become easier for anyone to have a personalised card for cashless payments. While many people today understand what ez link cards are, some are unaware that they can personalise their cards.  Purchase customized ez link cards here: https://themomentslab.com/products/customised-ez-link-card.

Can individuals personalise ez link cards?

Unfortunately, many people assume personalised ez link cards are for corporate institutions. This is not true. Anyone can have a personalised EZ Link card if they so wish. If you wish to personalise ez link cards for your family, you can do that. 

Can I give customised ezlink cards as gifts?

Yes, if you struggle to pick birthday, anniversary, wedding, or congratulations gifts for friends and family, you should consider giving a customised ezlink card. The card can have an image that will be meaningful to the recipient. 

For example, as a family, you can place your photos on the card. When the recipient pays a bill or goes out for dinner and removes the card to pay, he or she will always remember who is paying for the meal. 

Are there restrictions on how to customise EZ Link cards? 

No, you can be creative when it comes to the ezlink card design. You can put on personal photos, corporate logos, or any image you like. However, none of the images you submit for the design should infringe copyrights, neither should they violate the code of ethics. 

Companies that offer personalised ez link card services also have the right to decline orders if the design is deemed problematic. In some cases, the company will seek approval from EZLink if they are on the fence on whether the design is acceptable or not. 

Can I personalize both the front and back of the card?

When submitting the ezlink card design, it will only be placed on the front of the card. The functions of the ezlink card are at the back. All the companies providing EZ link card personalization services cannot tamper with the back of the card. 

What card finish options are available?

Each company offers different finishes for customised ezlink cards. It is best to ask what you get for the amount you pay for the personalised ez link card. Some companies only offer the normal glossy finish, while others use the latest digital technology to provide 3D effects. 

Is it cheaper to print many cards?

Yes, the unit cost of personalising ezlink cards varies depending on your orders. This is why you find corporate companies paying less per unit because they usually order thousands of customised ezlink cards. 

If you wish to make a saving, you can order multiple cards simultaneously, even if you don’t intend to give them all away at the same time. EZ Link cards expire after five years, so you shouldn’t worry about losing money. 

When ordering your customised ez link cards, you should find out if the company also offers top-up services. Most companies do this but have a surcharge for the service. Alternatively, you can customise the ezlink cards and handle the top-up on your own. 

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