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John Conyers, the House Judiciary Committe, & November

Because it is the season, there has been much talk in the media about polling and prediction on who will win which election in November, and what the resulting Congress will look like.  The focus of the analysis is whether the Democrats have enough momentum among the public to reclaim control of the House the party lost in 1994.  Yes, those are the stakes, but there is one man who raises those stakes substantially, and is the big reason Republicans cannot permit the Democrats to reclaim control, whatever the means. His name is Rep. John Conyers.

Most everyone I tell that the Democrats can’t win in November because of election fraud don’t seem to know who Rep. Conyers is and what he has done in his minority role since 1994, so I felt as though a summary and brief walk down memory lane is in order.  Rep. Conyers (D-MI), helped by his insurmountable support of the voters in his Detroit area District, has been one of the few Democrat who has attempted to energize liberals to stick to the big problems; those that seem to mostly stay on the web and rarely make it to the corporate owed media.

First, a little bit about Rep. John Conyers.  According to his campaign website (linked below), Rep. Conyers is a candidate for his 21st term in the US Congress, and rarely receives much of a political challenge.  He has been a champion of liberal causes for his entire Congressional career, on any issue from civil rights to the environment and everything in between.  As somewhat of a political junky, it seems that anytime there is an issue that I think deserves special attention, it is Rep. Conyers, whether it is popular at the moment or not, who is in the middle of making a stink about it.
Some of the best Rep. Conyers moments from the past couple of years . . .

Rep. Conyers held an informal hearing about the sate of the media, and its Republican dominance (article linked below).  It was a star studded event that was a laundry list of how the “Republican Noise Machine” works.  The meeting left very little doubt about how the whole thing works, and the media, predictably, ignored it.

Rep. Conyers held an informal hearing on the circulation of the Downing Street Minutes (article linked below).  After the meeting was over, Conyers delivered personally to the White House the hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition demanding a formal investigation.  The media ignored this one, too, except to make fun of the meeting. See below the Washington Post’s disgusting and irresponsible “coverage” of the event.

The difference between the substantial exit polling and the official count in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election was about six percentage points, both a statistical impossibility, and as such, would be seen as obvious fraud if it happened in another country. To my knowledge, Rep. Conyers is the only member of either house of congress to produce a formal study on the matter (linked below). If you ever have the time, I recommend a complete reading of the report. It is long, detail and disturbing.  And the media largely ignored this one, too.

Now here is the most important part.  If the Democrats regain control of the House, Conyers will likely again serve as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee (function of committee linked below).  Much of Rep. Conyers’ work has a tag “informal” or “panel” to it because he has not been able to bring formal hearings on much of anything since the Republicans took control of the Judiciary Committee.  That is how Republicans have operated as the majority.  They do whatever they want to do, without regard for the minority, unless the minority is simply signing on to what the majority wants to do. Stories of Republicans holding meetings on what they want to do before the actual committee meeting takes place are common.
One of our newer regulars on the message board posted a great article on a portion of this very subject (linked below).  The facts are that if the Republicans lose the majority in Congress, they lose the ability to control what becomes a hearing, and those hearings will be chaired by a Member who will take on anything he chooses.  That probably means our current broken system will change substantially, some people will go to jail, there might even be impeachment hearings, the media will have to cover it, etc.  Basically, all hell breaks lose. Couple this, what has to be the big fear among Republicans, with the fact that Republicans control both the mainstream media and voting in this country, and one can only conclude that Republicans can not possibly permit a Democratic takeover of Congress.  The Conyers factor alone makes it too much of a threat.

I hope I am wrong.  However, this is the single biggest reason the Republicans will do whatever is necessary next month to control the elections in their favor.

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