Comparison Between Acrylic Photo Prints and Glass Prints

Is there a difference between glass photo prints and acrylic printing services? While both are transparent, the materials are different. Considering both acrylic and glass have unique properties, what impact do they have on photo prints. Is one superior to the other? 

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is shatter-resistant and lighter than glass. However, this is not where the differences end. Photo prints on glass and acrylic also have differences you need to know, especially if you are torn between choosing the most suitable one for your photo prints. 

Acrylic printing is of a higher quality.

Custom acrylic photo prints, especially face-mounted prints, are of a higher quality than glass. This is primarily because the process of acrylic printing Singapore is different from that of glass printing. The print heads usually used for glass printing are often larger, with about four-six colour processes. 

Unfortunately, the short processing makes it difficult for the machine to lay ink sufficiently. This is why the colours of glass photo prints are not as deep as acrylic printing Singapore. Custom acrylic prints go through at least nine-colour processes for better colour accuracy and photo resolution. 

Acrylic prints are protected against UV light.

Glass prints, especially those on billboards, tend to fade after some time. This is primarily because glass prints do not get the same level of UV protection as acrylic photo print Singapore.

Companies that offer acrylic printing services in Singapore provide a standard 70% – 99% UV to protect against the effects of sun rays. Acrylic photos displayed indoors, such as those in the museum and homes, also receives some AV light protection.

Glass prints are cheaper.

Glass prints are cheaper than acrylic printing services. However, the quality is not comparable to acrylic photo print Singapore. You will pay less for a glass print, but you will realize the quality of the image is not the same in a few months. Custom acrylic photo prints cost more, but they can last a lifetime. 

Acrylic printing is available for large print sizes.

Since glass is heavy, there are limits to the size of glass prints. Some shipping companies do not accept large glass prints because of the weight and risks. Acrylic photo prints Singapore are lighter, so size is not an issue. Additionally, acrylic is much stronger than glass, so it is safer to ship custom acrylic photo prints. 

Glass prints tend to have imperfections.

Photo imperfections are common on glass prints. It is almost impossible to notice issues on acrylic photo print Singapore because acrylic is a superior material. Some companies that provide glass prints even put a disclaimer of the possibility of bumps appearing on the final print.

This is usually not because of poor workmanship but because of the challenges of printing on glass. Companies that offer acrylic printing services are confident that you will not have photo imperfections because they are not common in custom acrylic prints. 

These are some of the differences between glass and acrylic printing Singapore. When deciding on the material to use, it is important to look at the pros and cons of glass and acrylic before choosing the ideal one. 

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