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What Is Liberal-Bias?

Move to Canada? Keep fighting? Move to Mexico? Keep fighting? . . . Yes, keep fighting.That was the underlying theme of the birth of this website. With the “re-election” of the rich cowboy from Texas/Connecticut, it is time for liberals to take center stage. No more Republican-light politics. The liberal agenda has been suppressed, by even like-minded people, for too long. There is no denying the need for more of liberal information infrastructure, which should operate everyday instead of only around election time.With these thoughts in mind, the group of founding members of this site took the discussion forward to the “if not us, then who?” stage. First, the founding group developed a list of core values that site represents. The group labeled those core values “The Big-Ten”.


1)         We are going to be liberals again, stressing equal opportunity and care for all Americans.
2)         The media needs to be fixed, big time.
3)         Fix how we vote, including an ability to audit elections post-election.
4)         We will reestablish the authority on what it means to be a moral person.
5)         Fiscal Responsibility.
6)         Embrace science again, including addressing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.
7)         Reestablish the trust of the world.
8)         War only when verifiably necessary. A more reasonably planned war on terror.
9)         Encourage personal responsibility and freedoms within reason.
10)        The health of the environment is critical.

The struggle is that, by the collective view of the site’s founders, there does not seem to be enough momentum “out there” to steer the liberal cause in a successful direction. That direction is this site’s goal. We will work to achieve the following:

Attempt to influence appropriate candidates, so the issue is no longer left exclusively to the status quo.

Attracting new people, however possible.

Word of mouth is valuable.

Participate in local politics as much as possible.

Attempt to get our link posted to other sites.

Encourage letter-writing campaigns to attract participation from established citizens and to agitate “The Man”.

Target the youth as heavily as possible.

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