Taking the Shame Out of the Name

Taking the Shame Out of the Name

A-Level Math

Math is a difficult subject. It is undeniable that many students hate math because they say that it is difficult and complicated. Many students acquire low grades in math because it is difficult for them to understand different topics and concepts. That is why in this article we are going to help you with that matter. We are going to give you some tips that you could apply in order to score high and understand math better.

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In an article by Yodaa, we are going to know we could score A for A-Level H2 math.

How to score A for A-level H2 Math

The A-level exams is marked on a bell-curve. For an extremely competitive subject like math, a forte of many students in Singapore, this bell-curve is extremely steep. There are about 10000-12000 students who sit for the H2 Mathematics paper annually. Of this, the MOE has afforded that about 50% of these students will get an A.

And while the figure of 50% may seem encouraging, but the statistic is heavily swayed by top JCs where a huge proportion of students get As in H2 Math such as RI and HCI where at least 70% of the cohort score distinctions in H2 Math. The better measurement is where one measures against peers in the same school by looking at the school statistics for Math distinction rates and comparing that with one’s school exam performance percentiles. For example, if one’s school traditionally has 50% of the students scoring an A in H2 math exams, and in school examinations one always rank in the top 50% of the cohort, it would be highly likely that one would get an A for the A-levels exam in the end. However, through experience, a good benchmark to secure an A is an average of 80 in both papers. Read more here.

Your preparation is really important. Your study plan before the exam must be planned out well and you also have to execute it well. You should not do procrastinations as it will ruin your schedule. Next up, Exam Solutions will share to us core math tips for A-Level Maths. Let us read about it below.

A-Level Maths – Core Maths Tips

I have spent over thirty years teaching mathematics to A level and during this time I have never found any quick fixes or instant recipes for passing A/S and A Level mathematics. It is a subject which can be very demanding and tests ones ability to persevere. Meet these demands and the subject can become very rewarding.

How do you meet the challenge?

Do not rely on reading alone. You must do questions. Even when you think you know how to do a topic, along comes a question which can be phrased in a way that you have never seen before and this may throw you. The more practice you have from different sources the more confident you will become when you face a strange question for the first time.


Often you may read a question and feel that you cannot answer it, but don’t give in. Spend some time looking at the problem, jot down ideas even if you feel they might be wrong, draw diagrams to help bring out the problem and enable you to view it from a different perspective. Read more here.

So there are tips on how you should meet the challenge or how you prepare for the challenge. Other pieces of information given are exam techniques that you can apply in order to ensure that your examination would go well. In addition, Oxford Learning College will share to us some top A level maths revisions tips.

Top A Level Maths Revision Tips

There’s no getting around the fact that A Level Maths is one of the most challenging of all A Levels. It’s for the aficionado of equations and an aptitude in everything from differentiation and geometry to algebra and trigonometry is vital if you’re going to come out the other side with a decent grade.

However, like all A Levels the effect which effective study and revision have on grades is hard to overstate. We have asked our tutors – and here are our top A Level maths revision tips to ensure you reach your potential.

Make the Most of Your Time

This came up time and time again and you’ll hear it so often you’ll be fed up, but it’s true. It’s easy to be efficient with your revision and study time but it’s just as easy to waste it too. Identify what you need to study and where your weaknesses lie. Then create a study schedule that is catered for your needs. Don’t overload yourself and make sure it’s not all boring grind in the library; study where you’re comfortable. Read more here.

According to the article, we should understand not memorize. We should really have a good understanding of the concepts because memorizing alone won’t do you any good. If you understand, even if you don’t memorize, then you are fine. Math is really a difficult subject, but we still can do something about it. All it takes is a student who has the effort to study and to make sure that at the end of the day, he knows that he will do well in his exam tomorrow.

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